Incredible Touch German Upholstery

Boat flooring

Let us replace your old, moldy carpet with a new, clean, and low-maintenance floor in your boat.

 Compass Hybrid Marine Flooring

 Compass Hybrid Marine Flooring:
*cleans easily
*immersion resistant
*stain resistant
*UV stable


Want a vinyl floor?  We are also a Mari Deck retailer, the #1 choice in vinyl flooring for your boat.

We also offer other carpet and flooring options for marine and auto available in many colors.  Need a custom snap-in carpet for your boat?  Bring us your shabby old one, and we will use it to make a pattern for a custom fit new AquaMat®  snap-in carpet!  With AquaLoc® backing, these mats won’t melt to the deck or degrade, providing the longest possible lifespan for your new AquaMat®.



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